Cyber Security Future and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cyber Security Future and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cyber Security has made a giant leap towards the preservation of data integrity over a multitude of industries. The pharmaceutical industry specifically has been increasingly relying on AI to defend their cloud computed data centers. As is prevalent with most of the globally available technology and Machine Learning Systems, the utility of AI is being harnessed by state-sponsored attackers, cyber gangs and small-scale hackers that clearly know how to propagate cyber-attacks and infiltrate the defense lines of data centers. Hence, counter-attacking these threats and creating a safety blanket for the crucial data of pharmaceutical researches is becoming a top priority with IT professionals.

Some of the most widely utilized AI tools by Darktrace like their Darktrace Threat Visualizer have been enabling MSPs and IT team across pharmaceutical and other pertinent industries to be notified of immediate and potential threats within their cyber networks. The DarktraceThreat Visualizer is an impressive real-time interface that IT data security specialists and business executives with infiltration alerts in addition to providing a visually appealing 3D image of the routine network activity. Thanks to the sharp monitoring of networks by the Darktrace Threat Visualizer, network professionals and analysts are equipped with being able to intervene in a timely and enterprising manner to ensure data security.

Equally impressive is the Enterprise Immune System by Darktrace which imitates the ability of the human body to identify what compliments the network and how the network can identify threats and mutate its “DNA” to abolish or react to “abnormal” elements in its structure. Much like the human immune system, the Enterprise Immune System detects threats- subtle or major even in the absence of previous similar attacks. It senses the elements that have never been seen before in a network environment thereby bringing in a major advancement in data security.

More and more business giants like Google and Facebook have been resorting to AI to ensure safety and markedly smoother operations.

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