By adopting our vulnerability management services, we believe you can leverage significant cost savings for your business through lower spending, achieving economy of scale and better efficiency.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services (MSS) provides proactive security management, including continuous monitoring, scanning and analysis, advanced services, and customized managed, detection, and response services when you need them – across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. Info Driven Solutions proactively mitigates risk to protect your organization against multiple, complex security threats, around the clock.

Vulnerability Assessment

Info Driven Solutions’ commitment to the latest technology and innovation combined with our vast experience means that we’re able to provide a full suite of Vulnerability Assessment & Management Services to enterprise and government clients alike in an affordable way.

Types of Vulnerability Management Services

Fully Managed Services

Ideal for any enterprise that needs specialist security services without the cost of an in-house team.

Self-service Management

Some organizations are already equipped with an in-house security team, but require a technology partner to handle the setup, secure housing, ongoing management of licenses and maintain high availability of service.

Hybrid Management

Get the best of both worlds through a combination of self-managed and managed features, customized to address the specific performance, security, and compliance needs of your organization – and solve business problems that can’t be addressed by a single product.

How does IDS Managed Security Services ASSESS threats and vulnerabilities?

Assessing the effectiveness of both internal and external security controls is an essential part of protecting an organization from vulnerabilities and threats. Understanding the changing threats and prioritizing vulnerabilities is not a simple task that can be left to automated tools. Assessments can also highlight weaknesses in management and business processes that could be exploited.

Why use IDS MSS Vulnerability Assessment Services?

  • Different levels of services and costing to suit different business needs
  • Highly-accurate scanning with a low rate of false positive
  • Scalable to hundreds of thousands of systems
  • Easy deployment and maintenance and remote monitoring
  • Solution-based Service Level Agreements designed specifically for your needs

Threat Detection

Businesses today are under attack from persistent and sophisticated cyber criminals who can bypass traditional security measures. The attacks bring a level of sophistication that results in taking a longer time to detect and respond. The longer a breach goes unnoticed, the greater the commercial impact on the organization, damaging trust, brand value, and share price, and increasing the likelihood of financial penalties and lawsuits.

There is no single solution or detection technique that offers complete detection of sophisticated attacks. Info Driven Solutions, with Managed Security Services, offer threat detection services that deliver security insights and advanced protection by harnessing several sources: commercially available monitored sources, combined with our proprietary Advanced Analytics, threat hunting, and threat detection capabilities.

We provide two services for threat detection, Threat Detection Standard and Threat Detection Enhanced. Both services offer sophisticated threat detection capabilities, 24×365 threat monitoring, and comprehensive threat intelligence delivered by the IDS Security Global Threat Intelligence Centre. In both services, threats are identified and separated from the large number of false positives typically generated by security technologies, and a security incident report is sent directly to you.

Threat Detection Standard

Threat Detection Standard provides a sophisticated automated service for organizations looking for entry-level threat detection. Threat Detection customers benefit from the ongoing threat intelligence gathered. Once security incidents are identified and categorized as threats, this intelligence is made available as part of the service.

Threat Detection Enhanced

The enhanced service provides advanced detection of today’s sophisticated attack types through the use of advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and threat hunting. Suspicious activities and associated relevant contextual information are passed on to a skilled security analyst who verifies the threat and its impact. A detailed security incident report will be sent to you with a comprehensive description of the incident, and specific actionable response recommendations. You will receive updates on the incident report and your remediation activities will be supported by our security analyst until the incident can be closed.

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