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IT Support Services

Info Driven Solutions is highly renowned for our effective Onsite and Remote IT support solutions. In the present-day scenario, IT plays an important role in managing various businesses. This makes IT support services essential for the smooth running of the company.

To make it easy for businesses, we at Info Driven Solutions offer Onsite IT solutions as well as Remote IT support. Whether it’s a small or medium or big enterprise, our team holds expertise in providing timely solutions that ease the business rendering growth and profits.

What is the difference between Onsite Support and Remote IT Support?

Onsite IT Support

As the name suggests, Onsite support is intricate to the organization. It is embedded inside the organizational structure. Our professionals at Info Driven Solutions will walk up to your organization and the engineer will render your complete solution, whether it is upgrading software, processing cloud services, or troubleshooting. The work is carried on during office hours.


  • Easy accessibility
  • IT solutions are supported in the real-time
  • They are more familiar with the software and hardware.
  • Remote IT Support


  • Caters to only IT solutions
  • Cost includes expenses on telecommunication, equipment, presence, and wages.

Remote IT Support

Unlike Onsite support, Remote IT support is not limited to the organization. The site is not physically located inside the company. The solutions are offered by running the cloud from a cloud-hosted infrastructure. Clients are also offered hardware that serves multiple purposes.


  • Reduce operational costs, conserve capital budget and lower IT operating expenses. With managed services, an organization can reduce OPEX costs, conserve capital budget and lower IT operating expenses.
  • Outsourcing can help an organization stay focused on revenue-generating activities and innovation.
  • Access to data is rendered whenever necessary.
  • Outsourcing vendor management to an MSP removes the pain of working with multiple vendors
  • Scalability is vital to supporting business growth. MSPs supply support and services as needed to handle growth spurts or emerging IT problems.

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