How do vCIO services benefit your business?

How do vCIO services benefit your business?

What is vCIO?

Nowadays progressive MSP’s like IDS are collaborating with local businesses through the virtual CIO or the vCIO role to provide insight and planning that your company may need on a regular basis to stay in the league and ahead of competitors. A virtual Chief Information Officer performs all the functions of an on-site CIO for your company but at a much lesser cost which makes this role very popular in and well-suited to small and medium-sized companies where the budget is limited.

Expert vCIO services make a visible difference to your business by feeling the pulse of the market and analyzing your company resources to facilitate technology changes which help you stay on par with the latest in the industry. vCIOs provide both immediate and telescopic view of your company IT needs and develop a technology roadmap to identify the areas that require greater attention than others thereby allowing effective utilization of your finances and minimal financial waste.

Similarly, IDS’ vCIO services make up for the lack of an exclusive IT department in your company and can help you make strategic and vision-oriented decisions at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CIO.

How will I know if my company needs vCIO services?

  • You are a small/medium sized business with limited funding and can not afford a full-time CIO
  • Your IT resources are in want of effective utilization
  • You are not sure which technologies/latest IT software/hardware you should invest in
  • You are not sure which direction the market is leaning towards in terms of challenges, customer demand, innovation, and latest products/services

Which companies are not a good fit for vCIO services?

  • Your company may still be in initial phases of development
  • You may not be thinking far ahead into the future of how technology supports your business
  • Your technology purchases are on an as-needed basis
  • You already have an IT Director/Chief Technical Officer in your company

How can vCIO services help my business?

IDS’ vCIO services provide expert advice on crucial areas from- cutting costs to giving sound business advice. Following is a detailed list of our vCIO services-

1. Evaluate your IT environment

  • Screen areas for improvement
  • Identify strengths to bank on
  • Develop hardware + software inventory
  • Vendor Management

2. Monitor security threat

  • Identify loopholes in IT security system
  • Provide disaster recovery solutions
  • Help develop policies and procedures to develop and enhance data integrity
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory bodies

3. Determine a concrete IT roadmap

  • Align infrastructure to compliment business goals
  • Identify redundant/obsolete systems
  • Implementation of process and schedule

4. Implement most up to date technology

  • Share successful IT solutions being implemented in our customer base
  • Bring awareness of and implementation of new IT trends in the industry

5. Quarterly business reviews

  • Share the current effectiveness of security solutions
  • Identify new IT projects and plan future actions

6. Increase the business bottom line

  • Partner on IT budgeting to discuss fixed and project-based expenses
  • Leading-edge technology, creating speed and efficiency

IDS vCIO services can bridge the gap between technology and business sides of your company. Not just that, we can come in to collaborate with your existing IT department to supplement their functionality and provide guidance and direction towards expediting achievement towards your company goals.

Contact us at to learn more about how IDS can help propel your business towards greater success at affordable costs!

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