Effective marketing depends on knowing your current and potential customers. This means understanding and speaking to their specific interests and needs.

In the pre-internet days, companies would compile mailing lists from a variety of sources. The information gleaned from these sources (surveys, subscription lists, etc.) would hopefully indicate a person’s potential interest in a product or service. After making the list, they’d create and send out content to the people on those lists

Hopefully, this content would connect with a segment of these people, who would become customers.

That’s basically how marketing campaigns have always worked. Thanks to the internet, however, you can create and execute campaigns with far greater success. You can get more detailed and accurate information on consumers and create more sophisticated marketing content.

Effective Marketing Strategies

We can help you develop an email marketing strategy that dovetails with an inbound marketing campaign. We can work with you to strengthen ties between your customers and your business.

We can help you make plans for sending out content like

  • Welcome emails to new customers
  • Coupons and info on discounts based on past purchases
  • Blogs or newsletters with info that will interest particular recipients
  • Invitations for special events